I’m Ercole Egizi,
My entire career I’ve been trying to help clients and agencies understand the importance of being brave.

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Mercedes A-Class TVC

Every beginning starts at A. No matter how big or small things start, you never know where it might lead.
Every legend, icon, urban social mixer, no quick fixes I’ll do it myself racer has a beginning. Beginnings set the tone and rhythm and pace. They put everything good, bad, ugly and life-shaking into motion.
From hot flings to lucky break chasers, we’re all beginners, believers, cruisers, sure-footed go against the streamers.
From curious to extraordinary, from every left turn, right turn and wrong turn, every gearshift, rocket launch and kick-off, if you’re the driven starter, launcher, let’s go again-er… if you’re spinning the stream, chasing the dream, a lean mean go-getter machine, get in.

Introducing the all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class.
Drive yourself.