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Pepsi Sing Off Facebook app

Pepsi decided to give its fans a chance to pursue their dreams via an online singing platform and made them feel like a part of the X-factor. Through an application on Pepsi Arabia’s Facebook Page & the Pepsi Now mobile app, Pepsi developed a community that brought together people who love to sing during April-May 2013.

We developed a digital platform, The Sing Off, where people can log on and upload or record a song. People were encouraged to sing their own original compositions or covers of famous tracks. Once the tracks were submitted into our library, they were entered into the Sing-Off challenge, where we paired each track randomly to another track in a face-off challenge that other people could vote for.

People would listen to two tracks at a time in a versus format and decide who would go on to the next level in the Sing Off. The favored track gained points on the leaderboard. People could see how their songs were being pushed up or shoved down on our dynamic platform. Everyone could submit up to 10 tracks. An algorithm was put in place where, if a low-ranked song won against a song with a high-rank, it received more points to set the balance correctly. The site was fully integrated with social plugins, and we gave each submission a unique URL to make it easier for everyone to share and vote.

At the end of the campaign, winners were rewarded by being sent to Beirut to attend the X Factor finale. The winners were given a Pepsi VIP treatment where they got to experience the electrifying closing to their favorite Arabic music talent search. By doing so, we hope to have inspired the winning fans that this is where they could be next year: on the stage at the X Factor finale.

Campaign Performance

During the length of the campaign, our Pepsi Arabia Facebook Page grew by 105,168 fans (from 1,665,476 to 1,753,499: approximately 5.3% increase in Page growth). That is the biggest Page growth we have received to date in a one-month duration: in comparison, the Pepsi Michael Jackson campaign increased by 2.9%.

Over 10,000 people engaged with the application on Facebook, which is double the industry average for engagement on a application by a brand (which stands at 5,000+). Out of all the UGC audio submissions, we had 1,480 total songs that qualified, passed moderation, and were entered into the Sing Off.

This resulted in 512,376 total battles/challenges being played in the Sing Off. In comparison to other campaigns that relied on UGC, Pepsi’s Michael Jackson campaign received 970 submissions, with 7,000+ people engaged on the application.

People constantly shared their tracks on social media, driving traffic to the platform, and more people discovered the unique application. We achieved our goals of providing music entertainment, engaging our fans, activating dormant and shy talent to participate, and inspiring everyone to Live For Now—the only way they will get somewhere is by taking that first step.